Inside Acting

Episode 308: Brad Pilon (Part 3)

April 12, 2018

In Episode 308, Trev and AJ chat about what it means to continually to follow your bliss – even as that bliss (and personal character) evolves in a hyper-stimulated society. Then Trev sits down for the third and final part of his chat with intermittent fasting advocate and author of Eat Stop Eat, Brad Pilon.

Part 3 of our conversation is another deep dive into nutrition and training - how much protein our bodies really need (and use!), and what the science says about how to get the most gains from your workouts – an approach Brad has developed that he calls “Pilon’s Progressions.”

Whether you’re into this stuff or not, this segment is an informative capstone to a larger conversation we here at IAP feel honored to be sharing with the community. It’s a conversation that is, yes, a conversation about nutrition, food, and body image - but, on a more macro level, is about forging the path to your own personal greatness. It’s about boundaries, playing the long game, being kind to yourself, and eschewing “hacks” to make room for the simple, mundane commitment to time-tested processes that ask not for your money, but for your character.

We hope you’ve gotten as much joy and value from this 3-part conversation with Brad as we have.

Total running time: 1:06:01.


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