Episode 286: Teri Reeves (Part 2)

August 8, 2017

In Episode 286, Trev and AJ talk about releasing “perfectionitis” and the upcoming SAG-AFTRA elections. Then AJ and Jasmin sit down for Part 2 of their conversation with actor, theatre producer, and former plant technician Teri Reeves, digging into Teri’s life as a level-four brown belt Brazilian jiu jitsu martial artist, how she chose to deal with a specific media storm that gathered around her, and what it’s like to be a consistently working series regular. Total running time: 48:32.

Also—we want to hear from you! How has the media, reviews of your work, etc changed or affected you, if at all? Let us know via e-mail, voice memo, voicemail, tweet, or comment.


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