Episode 278: Those Annoying Vegans (Part 2)

May 30, 2017

In Episode 278, Trev and AJ debrief the reading of First Squad, chat about The IAP Prosperous Heart creative cluster, and respond to a listener question about acting and autism. Then Trev sits down for Part 2 of his chat with Ana Carolina Valverde and Brian Ruppenkamp—otherwise known as Those Annoying Vegans—to dig into the nitty gritty of building a platform: what software and gear to use, how to plan your production schedule and workflow, strategically positioning your work to complement what’s already out there, how to generate ideas and inspiration for new content, dealing with the internet trolls and the inevitable moments of burnout… and why, if all of that sounds completely overwhelming, the most important thing it to JUST. BEGIN. Total running time: 57:28.


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