Episode 270: Chelsey Crisp (Part 1)

March 21, 2017

In Episode 270, Trev and AJ chat about the simple, no-nonsense way to build a career (work hard, be kind, enjoy repeat business), as well as the sometimes personally challenging (and multi-faceted) process of choosing to level up—emphasis on the choosing part—the most challenging thing all artists must do, and various ways to, actor, know thyself. Then AJ sits down for Part 1 of his chat with comedienne and actress Chelsey Crisp, best known for her role on ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat.

In Part 1, Chelsey dishes about her choice to move to Los Angeles from her native Arizona, what sustained her in the “lean years” getting started, the unexpected boost she got from a reality TV appearance, and how having a very specific goal in mind helped launch her career to the next level.

Total running time: 1:09:20.


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